About Us

Federico Ristorante Italiano is your destination for authentic Italian cuisine, drinks, and decadent desserts.

Decades ago, some of our regulars knew us as Cafe Italia. Cafe Italia opened its doors in 1976, but unfortunately closed its doors in 2018. That's where we came in - or rather, where we had been all along!

After a transfer of ownership, Cafe Italia became Federico Ristorante Italiano. Our co-owners, Mr. Bertilio Urrutia, Mr. Adolfo Urrutia, and Mr. Freddie Lutz mastered the art of mixing old with new in creating the Federico's you know and love today.

Head Chef Mr. Bertilio Urrutia started his career at Cafe Italia in 1981 and in the time since he has perfected his craft in the kitchen. He is responsible for retaining the treasured Cafe Italia family recipes for our menu while also adding new dishes to fit the growing needs of our diverse patrons.

His brother, Mr. Adolfo Urrutia, tends to a beautiful garden from which he brings fresh herbs to act as the finishing touch to your dish. If you stop by and see him during our lunch hour, be sure to ask for pictures of his vegetable garden!

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Freddie Lutz adorns the front of the house with his grand personality. He was one of the original Maitre D's of Cafe Italia and still loves to host on busy nights, greeting patrons with smiles and friendly conversations that make everyone feel a little more at home.

When you come visit us at Federico Ristorante Italiano, you'll get to witness the history of Arlington on the walls while simultaneously enjoying the new energy our staff brings to the table. (Specifically, your table!)

One last thing - ask about our plaques at each table, & if you love us enough, bring your own for us to hang up!